Our Programs.

Behavioral Health & Clinical Services

We are a non-profit organization founded to offer home-based wrap-around behavioral health and clinical services for urban families with a focus on the Greater Boston communities.

Providing Mental Health Services

Family Support & Stabilization (FSS)

The FSS program, a community outreach initiative by Osiris Group in partnership with DCF (Department of Children & Families), offers Intensive Family Intervention & Family Support/Parent Aide services. Specifically designed to cater to families requiring assistance in parenting and home management, our in-home program is culturally competent, ensuring tailored support for each family’s unique needs.

Values of Black and Latino societies

Our area of specialization is our ability to relate to the shared knowledge and values of Black and Latino societies and urban issues and paradigms. We employ a team approach to support the families we serve. 

Our family teams include a Clinician (team leader) and a Therapeutic Mentor. Our team members speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian, and Cape Verdean Creole. We’ve made a special effort to recruit team members who reside in the communities mentioned so they can respond to any emergency within the hour.

Coverage options range from Sunday to Sunday for three months to year-round comprehensive services. The Osiris Group assures your client’s privacy and family stability. We hope that you and your clinical team will consider The Osiris Group when recommending FSS services for clients who are being reunited with their families and community.

FSS Team

Our FSS team collaborates with DCF to support biological and foster families to prevent out-of-home placement and support the families’ reunification. We meet with families three times a week for as long as necessary.

Services can include: 

    • Strengthening family relationships 
    • Providing support for parents/caretakers to improve safety
    • Preparing for reunification
    • Support for youth around improving relationships
    • Parent training assistance
    • Assistance in navigating other public systems such as the courts, schools, immigration and mental health services
    • Support around empowerment and self-advocacy
    • Connections and referrals to long-term services or building natural supports.

Frequently, the families we assist find themselves grappling with financial, emotional, and social burdens. Within our Family Stabilization & Support (FSS) program, our dedicated team collaborates with parents, offering guidance to address these hurdles and cultivate a nurturing and secure family atmosphere.

Where We Work

49,000 people, innnearly 150 countries

Distance doesn’t diminish our love.

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u201cBy investing in children, together, we have the opportunity to create real, long-lasting change for families and com-munities around the world.u201d

John Edison

Children International President & CEO

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