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Bay State Banner: In The News
Thursday, May 8, 2003

Larry Higginbottom, Founder/CEO, The Osiris Group
 Recognized for Clinical Social Work Services

May 8, 2003 - Larry Higginbottom, a 1998 alumnus of the Simmons College School of Social Work (SSW), was the recipient of the Ann P. Ogilby Award for his creative model of clinical social work services. Larry was given the award at the annual SSW Alumni Day conference on April 5th 2003.
The Osiris Group
Editorial, Banner Staff, 5/08/2003
Higginbottom founded the Osiris Group Consultant agency which provides clinical social work services to African-American youth and their families living in the Greater Boston area.

In addition he developed and co-authored the Post-Traumatic Slavery Disorder training manual. His work has been cited in the Boston Globe, the Bay State Banner and on CNN.

Simmons College is a nationally recognized, small, private, predominantly women’s university in the heart of Boston. It has undergraduate programs for women and graduate programs for women and men.