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Providing mental health services to the Black community
 from a holistic Afro-Centric paradigm of healing

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Post Traumatic
Slavery Disorder

Osiris Founder Larry Higginbottom writes "Mentalcide is
Mental Suicide.
Read what everyone
 is talking about.  The critics are raving, chat rooms are gossiping, DSM4 paradigms are finally changing.   


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How to Apply for Osiris Group Family Services

If you are a parent currently involved with the Department of Social Services you can inform your social worker that you would like to have a In Home Therapy Team work with your family, and you like that team to be the Osiris Group.  If you are not currently a client of DSS but are experiencing difficulties in your family you can seek voluntary service through the DSS and request a FST be assigned to work with your family and you would like that team to be the Osiris Group.

If you are a social worker who works for DSS in the cities of Boston or Cambridge simply put in a referral to the area lead coordinator at your respective office requesting a Family Stabilization Team for your family, and request that the provider be the Osiris Group. 

If your are a parent and your child has been hospitalized for a mental illness and is about to be discharged from the childrenís psychiatric unit and you are a client of Neighborhood Health Plan you can request that the discharging social worker make a referral for a FST team through your Neighborhood Health Plan and that team should be the Osiris Group.

Parents or social workers can contact us at 617-442-2002
Our Purpose, Our Passion, Our People
Black Females
Black Males
Why are children from low income families so turned off to education? Why is there no respect for an educated mind?  Why is being dumb revered?  Why is bad language and negative behavior accepted among youth? These are just a few of the questions that are explored in our youth workshops.
Culture & Acculturation
Parents as Teachers
Willie Lynch
With family culture and values at stake itís not important how we arrived at any negative family state but more importantly how we turn the situation around. We are sure there is enough blame to go around for everyone but, you are not interested in assigning blame and nether are we.   We're here to offer solutions on how to return the home and family governance to itís primary purpose.
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